TruSlumber encourages a good night’s rest that will allow you to begin the new day with renewed focus and energy. With no ingredients that may cause addiction or harmful side effects, you can rest easy with TruSlumber

Sleeping disorders affect over 60% of people. These disorders range from not getting a full night’s sleep 1 or 2 nights a week to sleep apnea. This is no surprise when one considers the stress levels we encounter in our modern-day lifestyles. We are constantly multi-tasking and trying to accomplish more and more. It is no wonder that we can’t get our minds to slow down long enough for us to get 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night. TruSlumber was developed to answer the need for better sleep.

The secret to the effectiveness of TruSlumber’s ingredients are the sources for the extracts used in the formula. For example, melatonin is commonly used in natural sleep products. However, all melatonin is not equal. We scrutinized the sources for all of the ingredients in TruSlumber and analyzed their chemical profiles. Simply put, our ingredients perform better than the sources used by other formulators.

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